Clear Target Marketing provides a solid road map to maximize marketing performance in target market segments.

Clear Target Marketing greatly improves the customer experience and sales while minimizing wasted effort and wasted expenses.

Clear Target Marketing helps you identify who, what, how, and when —all based on your business goals. It helps you organize your short- and long-term marketing plan into bite-sized chunks and then clearly and quickly communicates your plan to execs, sales reps, marketing staff, and contractors. It removes the fuzziness and “what am I getting for my marketing spend?” typical of most marketing plans.

The end result of the Clear Target Marketing process is a 10 page, quick-read “road map” to be used to provide a clear, shared vision for precise execution of multi-month marketing campaigns.

Clear Target Marketing

Use Clear Target Marketing for On-Page SEO, SERP listings, social posts, email, blog posts, Adwords, and print ads.

Customer Segmentation Matrix

Segment your customers to optimize their experience and your marketing investment.

Your best customers have unique needs that are reflected in their behavior and the way they are influenced in their purchase journey.

It is important that you first identify the key drivers that influence their purchase behavior and use those drivers to segment your target market. The segmentation drivers can be demographic, psychographic or behavior characteristics.

Segmenting your target market will ensure:

  • You are making the right investments in appropriate segments
  • Personalized messages to increase the value of your communications

The absence of customer segmentation leads to customer dissatisfaction, wasted marketing spend, opt-outs, low click-thru rates, high bounce rates, low repeat site visit rates, and other unwanted stuff.

The Clear Target Marketing process works like this:

  1. Define each of your market segments by your value proposition and what the best customer in each segment looks like.
  2. Further define market segments based on sales potential, your strengths, your weaknesses, your competitive pressures.
  3. Identify and prioritize each segments’ top 3 pain points and define best cures to address the pain points.
  4. Prioritize marketing campaign activity by segment, by month based on revenue and biz goals.
  5. Plot out the Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Person.
  6. Create the most compelling offers that are attractive to individuals in each market segment.
  7. Start marketing!

Because it’s a summarized “quick read” of your entire marketing campaign plan, sharing your Clear Target Marketing road map within your organization and outside extended team is highly encouraged.

For more information and to get started with your Clear Target Marketing plan, contact me.