Choosing the right domain name can be a daunting task. Particularly finding available .com names. To make the task easier use a domain name tool to find names based on your keywords. Below are seven of my favorite free domain name finding tools.

Domain Naming Tool Lean Domain Search is from Automattic (the makers of WordPress). Type in a keyword you want your domain name to include and you’ll see thousands of .com options. The names will be green if they’re available and red if they’re taken. Panabee lets you describe an idea in two words and then gives you a list of domains based on those words. The results are .com’s but you can choose to see other extensions if you want. Each result is displayed with a heart icon. The icon will be blue if it’s available and the domain will include a price with a link to purchase. If it’s not available the heart will be red and broken, and the domain will include a link to see similar names. Dot-o-mator combines words based on what you select or type into two fields. The more words you can type into the fields the better. The results will display the number of available names along with the names, and the number of taken names with a button to view them if you want. Clicking on an available name gives you the option to purchase or add it to the scratchbox, which allows you to check availability of multiple domains at once. Impossibility lets you choose between 4, 5, and 6 letters, and between adjectives, verbs, and nouns – adding them to the beginning or end of your keyword. The available results are displayed in short a list with your keyword a different color. Each name is clickable so you can click to make a purchase. Bust a Name lets you enter lots of keywords and then combines them in various ways to create domain names. You can remove the keywords or select related words, and create groups of words and keep words from being combined. You can sort the results, purchase, and save them for review later. Choose options such as selecting 2 or 3 word combinations, choosing prefixes and suffixes, adding hyphens, pluralizing, and dropping the last vowel. Name Mesh displays results under categories such as New, Short, Common, Mix, etc., so you can see the results based on how they can be used. You can filter the results by setting the maximum length and hiding registered names. It also has a WhoIs check if your keywords are taken. It works best with 2-3 keywords.
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